Charizard Biolizard…why not use Yoshi?

21 07 2010

I saw a Biolizard texture made onto Charizard, and I thought “why wasn’t Yoshi picked?” I mean, his shell looked liked the life-support system… from a certain point-of-view. However, due to Yoshi’s…cute design, I decided to call this “The Toon BioLizard.”
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“Time out for a second! That wasn’t supposed to happen.”

23 06 2010

“What is THAT?!”
“…and Sediment-shaped sediment.”
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“Come on, let’s take a Chance at Monopoly!”

7 06 2010

Title based off of lyrics I once made up for a song I heard on an old version of Monopoly on the PC.

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Long Time No See AMIRITE?

31 05 2010

Well… Hey.
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thanyou does something :O

10 05 2010

So I noticed how EC was getting neglected so I finished up a texture just now and I’m posting it c:

MS. P (Still a Wip, but releasable)

The pics don’t do it justice, go play it in game:

Modern Warfare 2 in Brawl?

29 04 2010

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I can now hack the bosses…in Boss Battle for now.

27 04 2010

Yeah, I can texture hack all the bosses you encounter in the SSE. However, for now, you can only see the textures in boss battle mode. So here are Golden Galleom and Yin-Yang Duon.

To place these in your SD Card:

1) Make a path like so: Private/Wii/App/RSBE/pf/Stage/adventure

2) Drag the .pac file in the “adventure” folder.

3) Remove the text within the parenthesis…and the parentheses themselves and leave the number(Ex: Remove the ‘yin-yang Duon’ and leave the ’920601′ in the file name’)

Will work in Boss Battles, will NOT work in SSE Adventure mode…remember that.