The abomination reaps his ugly face once again!

21 10 2009

A long time ago, when I first started making texture hacks, I brought this…abomination to Brawl life! After so long, I decided to revise him since the last one had a handful of flaws. Who is this creature? Well…

It’s none other than Chris-Chan’s failure of an OC character, Sonichu! For those fortunate enough to not know who this thing is since the beginning, Sonichu is a fan character created by an autistic person known as Chris-Chan. Sonichu’s “original” backstory is that while Super Sonic was fighting Perfect Chaos, he flies so fast that he transports himself to another universe, where he somehow manages to collide into a Pikachu. Thus, Sonichu came to be.


And please do check out the previous post; I don’t want to be a spotlight robber.




One response

22 10 2009

Well ChrisChans failure of a dream sortof came true. Sonichu is in an official game now, though not a Sonic game.

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