Play the Sega Saturn or get a Judo Throw

31 10 2009

Segata Sanshiro is the mascot for the Sega Saturn in Japan. He was in about 20 ads for the Sega Saturn and the games, even getting his own game on the console.
Segata Sanshiro made the Sega Saturn a success in Japan and was the reason Sega was able to make the Dreamcast.
Now, around the end of April of 2009, a man by the name of DruoxTheShredder made a song in tribute to this great character.
Therefore I, NightBlader, had the idea to make Segata Sanshiro in Brawl out of Ike. It turned out great by everyone…except me.
Now recently, I revamped Segata to be more epic. And now I’ll show him here.

Also, here’s Druox’s song:

Now for the texture.





3 responses

1 11 2009

Needs thicker eyebrows and eyes need to look more asian lol

2 11 2009

Sorry Segata, but not even the awesome might that is the Sega Saturn can defeat the awesome power that is the Ultimate Chimera

23 11 2009

it doesnt have to, cause he’s there…he is SEGATA SANSHIRO “♫he will rape ur child hood he’s SANSHIRO♫”

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