“See how big and strong Mr. Patch is!?”

4 11 2009

KAZOOIE: I suppose you think you’re clever, don’t you?
MR. PATCH: Well, one doesn’t like to blow one’s own trumpet…
BANJO: Gulp…I sense a battle coming on.
MR. PATCH: If you insist!

If you couldn’t tell by the quotes, this is one of my favorite texture I’ve made, Mr Patch from Banjo Tooie. He was a boss in Witchyworld and he can be defeated by bursting all of his patches. He reappears in “Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts.”




2 responses

5 11 2009

Is this a revamp or are you just posting it here, cuz I already have this o.o

17 01 2010

This texture is awesome! I LOVED this game! This boss was definitely one of my favourites. It’s a shame rareware went to stupid microsoft.

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