Jiggly…Starlow isn’t that bad of a supporting character.

13 11 2009

At least Starlow doesn’t bug you every 10 steps to warn you about something superlatively obvious!

Starlow is Mario and Luigi’s guide in “Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story.” She also aids Bowser with his journey. She had to nickname her self “Chippy” so that Bowser doesn’t truly discover her.

BTW, some of those pictures were inspired by this drawing by Bowser2Queen. This was the only picture she made in MS Paint. Trust me, she’s awesome!




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23 11 2009

theres a reason she was in bowsers stomach…and it aint no accedent >.>

6 01 2010




11 03 2010
3 07 2010

…Starlow is the true villain of Bowser’s Inside Story.

Seriously. If she hadn’t driven off Bowser when he showed up to help and… NOT kidnap the princess, the main plot of the game might still have happened, but it wouldn’t have happened as soon as it did, possibly not as dramatically, and international relations between the two kingdoms might have improved.

29 08 2011

I thought starlow had a star on its head, not ears and hair…

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