The Weegee Master, in all of his staring glory!

13 11 2009

In my series, the main villain is the Weegee Master. However, I didn’t want to use those simple Weegee textures, so I made one myself.

Click this sentence to view the 3rd episode, where he takes off his disguise. Will Akuago Latron prevail, or will the Weegee Master’s plan be accomplished? Wait and see…




6 responses

17 11 2009

What is he now have eyes everywhere now= messed up(not talking about the texture, nice texture Akuago220).

17 11 2009

oh can I join the team. I only do ideas and I can’t hack either so there.

23 11 2009

then y would they let u join -\_/-

23 11 2009

What are you saying that I have to ask one of them or go to the leader himself.

27 11 2009

Um not trying to be rude to anyone but am I the only one coming to this site part of the time. oh I would like to say that was awesome video Akuago220 on one more brawl taunts.

13 12 2009

You’re right weegee textures are simple thats why it was my first texture XP

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