Thanks to BrawlBox, Item Hacking is 100x easier!

2 12 2009

The last time I made a common3 pac file, which was when I was on Dairantou Glitchforce, I had to replace some items with the ones I made due to file size. However, BrawlBox has made the process easier by simple replacing, I can now put up my item set up for download! Here are the items I’ve made:

Hopefully I’m allowed to do this…

To get the common3 pac file for these custom item textures, head over to the “download” section of my blog: Akuago220’s Domain!




11 responses

2 12 2009

The wood box and the futuristic box look really good, anyone has ever made a Nes zappe out of the ray gun? i would like to see that 😀

2 12 2009

Dude Akuagoo this is freaking amazing
Im so downloading this!
You certainly do know how to drive a crowd wild 😉

5 12 2009

Hello, nice to see you guys updating again. what happened to ya anyways. oh and nice item textures Akuago220.

5 12 2009

That’s what I would like to know. I remember what happened to Roy (which I’ll keep to myself unless you know) but I’m not sure about everyone else.

6 12 2009

Well I i’m correct I saw one of his videos about tekken 6 having custom characters. Other then that I don’t know where the rest of team are at. oh right and again if you didn’t see my comment before nice video about brawl taunts dude. Hey do you watch lucky star.

6 12 2009

whoops forgot to put If, remove having and put a comma in If i’m correct, I saw one of his videos about tekken 6 custom characters.

7 12 2009

Actually Akuago most of the team is unable to make Textures anymore,Im still on the team but dont make textures anymore,although I should update with some old textures that were lost with the movement of SS

21 12 2009

Finally! You released your item pack! I’ve been waiting months for it! Thank you!!!

9 01 2010

…Why don’t you guys EVER update?

16 01 2010

waiting on getting my laptop back.. the one WITH photoshop. Sorry for the lack of updates everyone >_>

21 01 2010


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