BrawlBox the Tool for ALL Brawl Hacking

23 04 2010

So after like months of not updating I finally am and a big update it is

And as the title concurs BrawlBox is the best multi-purpose tool ever

So lets skip right to the point,I made CSP’s that have built in transparency and work 100% guaranteed only when imported into the sc_selcharacter_en.pac by BrawlBox – If you guys want a tutorial on how to do this if you dont know how just ask me,I currently just import mines into the Flaming Blue CSS by ASF1nk

Heres the CSP Packs

Zelda CSP’s:


-Shanoa by Pik

-Fierce Deity Zelda by lensho

-Midna Princess by DragonArt

-Twillight Mourning Robe Zelda by Julz

-Sakura by DragonArt

-True Shadow Queen(HD) by Julz

Zero Suit Samus CSP’s:

-Bayonetta by cx_asuka

-Megaman Girl by DragonArt

-Corruption by Dragon Art

-Deception by Ulquiorra Schiffer

-Dominatrix Suit by DasDonkeyTeam

-Jill Valentine by Akari_un

Toon Link CSP’s:

-SSJ Toon Link by ASF1nk

-Zora Armor by marvin

-Magic Armor by DasDonkeyTeam

-Dimentio by lensho

-Twillight Princess Toon Link by Das Donkey Team

-Sheikah Toon Link by wii

-Fierce Deity by Unai

Link CSP’s:

-Vaati by SvenStryphart

-Otherdimension Link by Akari_un

-Sheikah Link by cx_asuka

-Fierce Deity Link by Unai

Samus CSP’s:

-Ironman by wii

-Master Chief Samus by hardcorebrawlhacks

-Phazon Suit by Unai

Sheik CSP’s:

Spidy Sheik by DragonArt

Ganons Puppet Sheik by DragonArt

Fierce Deity Sheik by wii

Midna Imp by DragonArt

Dark Sheik by Chaotix000

Arrancar Sheik by .Fade

Peach CSP’s:

Maria Renard by wii

Rachel Alucard(HD) by Julz

Rosalina(HD) by Julz

Suigintou by Peachkid

Agitha(HD) by Julz

Shadow Queen by Julz

Ike CSP’s:

Cloud Strife by Jack H. & co.

Cloud Strife(Advent Children) by DasDonkeyTeam

Dawn Knight by wii

Dante by Royph123x

MetaKnight CSP’s:

Biospark-Purple by lensho

Biospark-Blue by lensho

Biospark-Green by plasmakirby

Biospark-Red by lensho

Biospark-White by plasmakirby

Biospark-Black by lensho

Well thats it for this update,peace SSBB hacking fellows I will update with more CSP’s soon,and all credit is given to the texturers and respectful owners so that noone will come around whinin’ and whatnot




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