thanyou does something :O

10 05 2010

So I noticed how EC was getting neglected so I finished up a texture just now and I’m posting it c:

MS. P (Still a Wip, but releasable)

The pics don’t do it justice, go play it in game:




3 responses

11 05 2010

omg than than updating? madness!
And true EC has been getting neglected alot,only seems people post when Roy updates =/
Its whatever though,I cant make anything for a while and I got a reason this time,my Wii got into an unfixable brick status so I have to buy a new one(a DarkWii) so Im warning you now than DO NOT try to install a custom menu into your Wii if you have 4.2
But anyways I drafted there a little,great texture than! I hope I can use it once I get my new Wii or get mines into working status somehow

11 05 2010

Thanks for commenting Flaco :3

Sorry to hear about your brick tho, that’s why I’ve been choosy about what I do to my wii, I don’t wanna accidently update it and screw myself over D:

I also heard that the new ones can’t be hacked in quite the same way as the original wii’s could, the new menu prohibits menu changes (As you’ve found out) So HBC may be out of the question and you’ll be stuck with the snapshot hack in terms of running hacked brawl.

12 05 2010

I know about the new Wii’s being like that so what Im doing is after I have my DarkWii im gonna send my bricked Wii to nintendo for fun to see what happens and if they decide to fix it or not idc because I might still use my friends Wii to get my hacking shiz done

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