“Come on, let’s take a Chance at Monopoly!”

7 06 2010

Title based off of lyrics I once made up for a song I heard on an old version of Monopoly on the PC.

Yup, I made the mansion into a hotel, put up the most expensive board in the game as the moon, and swapped the lighting effects to make things more bright around the area! =) I’ve been a HUGE Monopoly fan since the 90s, yet a lot of people hate the game. I don’t blame them, I guess.

I remember RoyPh123X was supposed to make Mr. Monopoly while I made this…I can wait. XD




4 responses

7 06 2010
The Right Honorable Judge Wallace P. Grindstump

That’s a pretty sweet stage. I think the outside parts of the stage would look better If It looked like a street.

7 06 2010
Val Halen

Haha, looks very nice! I loved how colorful it looks… Good old times of Monopoly… =D

Will be a texture on Luigi/Mario/Olimar for the Rich Uncle Pennybags (AKA Monopoly Guy)? Altough perhaps Ness is a more suitable option, since the Monopoly Guy have a very small nose and their faces are somehow similar… Idk if vertex hacking Luigi’s moustache on Ness is possible, but would be awesome!

8 06 2010

Awsome job on this Akuago =)
Wish I could Help update to keep this site alive but my Wii is broken 😥
But on the brightside I end school next week and will be able to get a new one soon to help around here

28 06 2010

I love updates *tears*

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