Charizard Biolizard…why not use Yoshi?

21 07 2010

I saw a Biolizard texture made onto Charizard, and I thought “why wasn’t Yoshi picked?” I mean, his shell looked liked the life-support system… from a certain point-of-view. However, due to Yoshi’s…cute design, I decided to call this “The Toon BioLizard.”

The BioLizard was the prototype for the ultimate life form, making this the failed “Shadow.” Here’s the fight in Sonic Adventure 2:




3 responses

21 07 2010
Val Halen

Wasn’t that made before?

23 07 2010

Charizard BioLizard, yes. This one, I also posted it on my own blog.

23 07 2010
Val Halen

No… I remember seeing a BioLizard Yoshi some time ago, exactly like this one… =o

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