thanyou does something :O

10 05 2010

So I noticed how EC was getting neglected so I finished up a texture just now and I’m posting it c:

MS. P (Still a Wip, but releasable)

The pics don’t do it justice, go play it in game:


I’ve been here since the dawn of this team, yet I hadn’t done anything since its revival… Let’s change that

23 10 2009

Yo peoples, this is thanyou, aka that guy with the weird avi that’s been on this team forever but still hasn’t done shit.

I give you all today a little taste of what I can do, which entails; Textures, Music, and Movesets, and I will show you all 3 =) (Excluding the moveset because my only complete one is a serious fail, but it still taught me ALOT about PSA, which is helping me with my new project which will remain a secret for now :3)

First up is a texture that I made a long time ago, its simple, but the execution was perfect, I present to you all, Calvin and Hobbes.

BUT WAIT, There’s more: A stage for an OC, Richie. He’s a greedy little bastard who steals from other people for some reason…… But whatever, I mainly made this because the normal stage’s textures SUCK, so I tweaked them a little.

I also have a strap loader I made for myself, and I thought I might as well just show it to y’all because its so lulzy. I also made a custom “4 Ways to play” but it fails and I’d rather not show it….

And music, which you can find in my Mediafire archive under Music, you can also find the downloads for these textures there as well, so download away =D

And I’ve also only released 5 songs because I suck at updating, but I have been working on some new BRSTMS, so expect those in the future 😉