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18 06 2009

Hi there. I heard you were a new team, so I came to check you guys. Those are really great. I’d like you guys to make a Lucy texture from Zelda. (if you don’t know who Lucy is, look up “Elfen Lied”)

30 06 2009

Yu Yu Hakusho Texture Hacks

Yusuku – Captain Falcon/Snake
Kuwabara – Ike
Kurama -ZSS (Whip be green if possible)
Hiei – Marth (black robe)
Botan – Peach (Toad can be Koenma)
Younger Toguro – Ganondorf

Just an idea I came up with.

11 11 2009


Ike (guts) I dont know if you could keep his right eye closed.
Marth (Into griffith)
Kirby (behelit)

They were totally made for this! specificly and they fit and look like a perfect match. If there was a very good totorial I would do it myself. Like I have photoshop knowledge but I cant figure the pac files out. you can do it!

11 11 2009
Behelit Guts vs griffith from the PS2 game. also guts has a prostetic metal left arm thats also suports a hand canon.

13 11 2009

@ akuago220

Can you release your common3.pac?

The one you made right before you quit DGF?

It’s the best item pack I’ve seen, especially the items Purple Starman, T.T. Watch, Gold Ray Gun, and Dark Beam Sword

2 12 2009

It’s finally up!

17 11 2009

can you make konata izumi for peach since kagami is there you know.

25 11 2009

Release Dark Matter Bowser plz.

1 12 2009

Can you try a SatAM Robotnik hack for Warioman by using the partial size modifier please?

P. S: SatAM Robotnik:

Not AoStH robotnik (aka PINGAS):

3 03 2010

Tails working:
with the help of RandomTBush Bone add tool!!!!

can somebody make a PSA for him,Please

24 07 2010
Omega ZX

I was looking around at the downloads and didn’t see much BRSTM files any where.

7 08 2010
Broc Willard The picture is zelda and peach merged like conjoined twins, specifically the Dithoracic Parapagus formation. But instead of in front of one another could you make them more side by side. If you could do this, it would be EPIC!

25 09 2013


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