RoyPh123X is the leader and founder of the team, he makes textures (mostly OC) and comes up with some ideas to make. Also he likes Roy XD

falcomasterrr55lgo NEw

FalcoMaster55 is the second in command of texture hacking, he will be making mostly sonic and kirby textures.


Draginite is the lead in art, he can’t hex but has some amazing designs. His ideas will be posted under the category “Draginite’s Designs”


Thanyou is an able texture hacker who fails at ideas, but excels at the execution of ideas. He is the second in command of textures along with FalcoMaster55.

*description coming soon*


*description coming soon*

NightBlader is another texture hacker here. Not much else to say except that he’s also a Sonic Fanboy.

*description coming soon*

*description coming soon*

AA220 banner for EC copy

Akuago220 is a texture hacker as well as a music hacker. He’s known for making many texture representations for users, whether they have Brawl or not.


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